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The Indians would even things up in 1945 as the war came to an end and by August, Bob Feller rejoined the team going 5-3 (2.50) down the stretch. Steve Gromek meanwhile tied Al Smith for the all time best ERA with 2.55 going 19-9, and Allie Reynolds was right behind him at 18-12, 3.20. Jeff Heath was the teamís top slugger again with 15 HR and a .305 avg, and Lou Boudreau led the Indians in hitting batting .307. Now with the war well behind them, the Indians fielded a team with all of their stars back in place, including Bob Feller. After a 4 year absence due to the war effort, Feller was phenomenal going 26-15 with a Municipal Stadium record 2.18 ERA. While pitching a game at Griffith Stadium in Washington D.C. Feller hit 107.4 on the radar guns. It was the 2nd fastest pitch ever recorded. Unfortunately, nobody else on the mound could provide any support. At the plate, Pat Seerey provided some power with 26 HR but batted only .225 as the Indians fell to a 68-86 record in 6th place. Despite the poor effort, everyone was glad to see Feller back again as the Indians broke 1,000,000 fans for the first time. It would be the final season that the Indians would play games at League Park, which they were still doing at this point. By 1947 the Indians had been sold to baseballís most eccentric personality Bill Veeck, with minority owners Bob Hope and Hank Greenberg. Bob Feller would start the season with a no-hitter and have his 4th 20 win season going 20-11 with a 2.68 ERA. Future Hall of Famer Bob Lemon meanwhile contributed with an 11-5, 3.44 record. Joe Gordon would be the teamís star with 27 2B, 29 HR and 93 RBI while batting .272 and Lou Boudreau for the 3rd time would miss his doubles record by one hitting 45 2Bs while batting .307. The Indians were back over .500 going 80-74, for 4th place as fans came in record numbers to the stadium, as the end of the war seemed to co-inside with a new love for the game.