League Park wasn't actually built for the Cleveland Indians. In fact, when this stadium debuted in 1891, the Indians were still a decade away from coming into existence. At the time, the franchise that would become the Indians  was still playing in Grand Rapids as the Rustlers. League Park was instead, intended to be the full time home of the "Cleveland Spiders", who were actually a National League team. League Park would be their full time home for the first 9 years of this stadium's existence until the Spiders folded after a debacle of a 1899 season. While this stadium has come to be known as the original home of the Cleveland Indians, don't discount just how much the Spiders were to the history of this ballpark. In fact, many consider the Spiders reign at Legion Field to be the reason why this stadium is truly historic. It involves the talents of a particular player who would go on to change the way baseball would be "pitched" for eons to come.