War Memorial Stadium...
"The Rockpile"  by

Bob Gaver

located in
Buffalo New York

Former home of the Buffalo Bisons!
The Bisons finished the season at 85-67 (.559) good enough for 3rd place, and good enough to make the post season. "The Bisons defied their usual play-off jinx, defeating Charleston (which started in Puerto Rico but had to flee its stadium due to a hurricane), by a score of 4-0, and then Rochester, 4-1. The momentum continued into the Little World Series, in which the Bisons defeated Louisville, 4-0. Light hitting second baseman Bob Sadowski was the surprise hitting star of the series. He hit three home runs, two of them coming in the first inning of the first game. Billy Smith pitched a shutout in the second game, as did young Paul Brown in the fourth. Except for a ground ball that glanced off his glove for a single, Brown would have had a no-hitter. It was the first Buffalo minor league title since 1906. Attendance for regular season games was 259,724, about 19,000 below 1960." *Buffalo Bisons