War Memorial Stadium...
"The Rockpile" from
"The Natural"
(capture by
Larry Klug)

located in
Buffalo New York

Former home of the Buffalo Bisons!
Buffalo’s War Memorial Stadium would go dark to professional baseball for almost a decade, and its return, "was strictly by accident. Buffalonian and Eastern League umpire Pete Calieri called league President Pat McKernan to inquire about his W-2 form. This income tax problem taken care of, McKernan, in passing, told Calieri that Jersey City had dropped out and a new city was needed. "What about Buffalo?" asked Calieri. "Do you have a place to play? If so, we would be interested," replied McKernan. Calieri said he would be in further touch. He then contacted his old friend, Don Colpoys, city fireman, ballplayer and manager. A conference with Mayor Jimmy Griffin followed and soon the wheels were in motion. It was agreed that $90,000 would be needed. In fairly short order, 90 Buffalo people, including the Mayor, agreed to put up $1,000 each. Meanwhile, $40,000 was needed to buy the franchise, plus about $10,000 for league and National Association fees. Broadway Market candy dealer John Sikorski agreed to advance the money until the funds from the stock sale came in. The deal was closed and Buffalo was back in baseball after an eight-year hiatus. Colpoys, with the strong support of Mayor Griffin, was appointed general manager. A working agreement with the Pittsburgh Pirates was secured. Steve Demeter, who had played for Buffalo in 1955, was named manager. *Buffalo Bisons