From "The Natural" (Capture by Larry Klug)

"...Meanwhile, in desperation, the owners asked 79-year-old John Stiglmeier to come back. He agreed, immediately scheduled a "Save Baseball for Buffalo" day, and attempted to get businessmen to buy tickets. Said one who was approached, "Baseball is not my favorite charity." Sportsman Hugh Grant of Bradford, however, did purchase 4,000 tickets. Predictably, the game was rained out, and when, it was finally played only 4,269 showed up. On Aug. 3 the Washington Senators deserted the sinking ship and cancelled their working agreement. The further bad news was that attendance had fallen to an all-time low - 77,808. Attorney Bob Swados, in predicting losses of $60,000, told the press: "The Bisons' major worry is money. We would like to get somebody like Don Labbruzzo (fired by Stiglmeier in 1960) to run the team." *Buffalo Bisons 1969 record: 58-78 (.426) 7th place.