War Memorial Stadium...
"The Rockpile"  by

Karl R. Josker

located in
Buffalo New York

Former home of the Buffalo Bisons!
"STORM CLOUDS: On June 27, 1967, violence erupted on Buffalo's East Side. The impact on the city and on its baseball team was devastating. While the city's leaders and law enforcement agencies worked speedily to curb the unrest, and succeeded in a relatively short time, there was no satisfactory solution to the problems facing the ball club. 117 fans showed up for a June 30 game. The next day Jack Guthrie, who had succeeded Van DeVries as club president, announced that home games would be transferred to Hyde Park Stadium, Niagara Falls. The first game was played there on July 1 before a crowd of 2,621. As tensions eased, the schedule was modified so that night games were played at the Falls and Sunday games at War Memorial. A Pony Day promotion on Sunday, Aug. 6 drew a crowd of 8,237. The same promotion in '66 had attracted 18,665. The unrest and the uncertainty about where they were playing had a dire effect on the team. There was a further disruption on July 5 when the parent Reds, without even notifying President Guthrie, removed Lou Fitzgerald as manager and replaced him with long-time major league infielder Don Zimmer. The team struggled to a seventh place finish ( 63-76, .453), as attendance plummeted to 105,516. *Buffalo Bisons