War Memorial Stadium...
"The Rockpile"

Peter Outerbridge

located in
Buffalo New York

Former home of the Buffalo Bisons!
The big slugger on the 1964 team was Duke Carmel who had an amazing season, hitting 20 2B, an all time War Memorial Stadium record 35 HR (which still hasn’t been topped at the new Coca-Cola Field) and 99 RBI while batting .271. The Bisons also featured Choo Choo Coleman (10 HR, .285), Joe Hicks (18 HR, .282) and the first future MLB All-Star of the Bisons to come from the Rockpile… outfielder Cleon Jones (22 2B, 16 HR, .278). Cleon Jones would go on to hit .340 for the Miracle Mets of 1969, a batting title which stood until John Olerud hit .354 in 1998. Also making his Triple-A debut was Ed Kranepool who was promoted for 64 At Bats and hit an outstanding 4 2B and 3 HR while batting .352 (1.083 OPS).  On the mound Craig Anderson led the team in Wins with a 12-7, 2.95 record while Darrell Sutherland put up a stunning 10-1, 3.31. "The team promoted energetically (orchids for the ladies on Mothers' Day drew 1,647 in the rain; Pony Day in September attracted 8,158). An old-timers game and reunion in August brought former Bison stars from all over the country; unfortunately, the on-field activities were erased by two straight rainouts. Attendance improved to 160,804, but the red ink got redder. The books showed an operating loss of $70,787. Inexplicably - in light of the third place finish - Kurowski was not rehired for 1965. Prexy DeVries said it was a Met decision" *Buffalo Bisons.