From the movie "The Natural" - Courtesy Larry Klug
The mayor who had his inspectors condemn the Bisons beloved
Offerman Stadium so that he could use the land to build a high school made speeches to support the Bisons who were now "continuing on as a Minor League baseball team" at War Memorial Stadium. The mayor came out saying that 1961 would be ushering in a "whole new era of Bisons Baseball". The fans however saw right though all the propaganda, knowing the politics of how their long time beloved ballpark had been taken away from them and now they were forced to watch baseball in a makeshift football stadium... worse yet as a Minor League team again and not as a Major League franchise. Just like the Bills had gone through not being accepted by the NFL and having to go dark for 10 very long years before finally having to join the renegade AFL in 1960... MLB had a stigma (for whatever reason) against Buffalo as well. This made coming here to War Memorial Stadium ever more difficult ... knowing that this city was to remain a Triple-A city and never getting the chance to become a true Major League town.