Photograph Bob Gaver
Major League Baseball also promised to take on many of the forgotten media markets that the Continental League had proposed to move into that probably deserved Major League Baseball ... but had been ignored for all these years by the MLB. It took awhile but Major League Baseball made good on nearly all of its promises to put an American or National League franchise into a Continental League territory with the
Washington Senators moving to Minneapolis-St. Paul in 1961, to become the "Minnesota Twins"; the Houston Colt 45's coming in with the Mets as an expansion franchise in 1962 (later becoming the Houston Astros) and the new California Angels in expansion in 1961 along with the Seattle Pilots (who became the Milwaukee Brewers the following season). Atlanta would get the Braves and Toronto would get their Blue Jays in 1976 along with a replacement team for the Pilots in Seattle (the Seattle Mariners). Eventually even Denver got its only MLB franchise dubbed the "Colorado Rockies". Every one of William A. Shea's proposed Media Markets got its own MLB team. Every one except... Buffalo.