Photograph Bob Gaver
It was opening day... 1961... and War Memorial Stadium's new baseball franchise, the Buffalo Bisons took the field as...
the Triple-A "
International League" affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies... again. Unlike the NFL which refused to compromise with the new renegade Major League football alliance called the "AFL", the MLB caved and gave in to William A. Shea's demands. A compromise would be made that the new renegade Major League Baseball organization... the "Continental League" would never play a single game and that Shea would get a new National League team in Queens New York to replace the loss of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. The new "New York Metropolitans" aka "The Mets" would take the field at the Polo Grounds (which was bizarre looking and oval like War Memorial Stadium) while a brand new stadium would be built named in honor of William called "Shea Stadium". And... That wasn't the only compromise that MLB was willing to make to stop the Continental League from coming into existence and competing with the American and National Leagues.