Photograph Courtesy of Tim Mahoney
In this photograph of the facility when it was still Civic Stadium... the baseball field was originally put into place with a carved out section of backstop to give some room behind home plate. This was done to give the catcher more foul territory to work with and not be right up against the stands. As you can see, this was before the rest of the renovations to increase by 13,500 new seats onto the 3rd base line had even started. It was however after the initial renovation that would see the addition of a large roofing system and 3,000 additional seats bringing the capacity from 30,000 to 33,000. This oval stadium has a playing field for baseball very similar in style to
L.A. Coliseum where the Los Angeles Dodgers would have to play while awaiting the completion of Dodger Stadium. While the backstop did help the catcher have a little more room to work with, the need for even more seating by the football team would take even that away from the Bisons by the time renovations were completed... and Civic Stadium became the newly named "War Memorial Stadium".