Photograph © Bob Gaver
As for the Buffalo Bisons, they found that the city was definitely backing the Ferry-Woodland Realty Corporation and not the Bisons baseball franchise. The city of Buffalo wanted to overtake the stadium for themselves and turn the land that
Offerman Stadium sat on into a new school. The Bisons had taken the Ferry-Woodland Realty Corporation to court saying that their home on Ferry and Michigan was well established back to 1889 and they had no right to have their lease suddenly terminated. When it looked as if they would win that argument, the city of Buffalo's inspectors came and began to condemn the facility for being "unsafe" when there wasn't really anything wrong with Offerman Stadium that couldn't be easily fixed. The Bisons learned firsthand that you "cannot fight City Hall". With no other options…  (and with the possibility that the Bisons may become a Major League franchise and have to move to 35,000 seat or larger facility anyway)... they reluctantly agreed to move into War Memorial Stadium despite its very "non-conducive to baseball" oval shape (which was certainly never intended to host a highly ranked professional team).