Photograph Karl R. Josker
With the thought that perhaps Major League baseball would be coming here, it became apparent that
Offerman Stadium would not have enough capacity to support the franchise. With the battle going on between the Bisons landlord ... the Ferry-Woodland Realty Corporation for the property rights as well (who wanted to sell it for a high profit to the Buffalo School district), the Bisons began to realize they was no way that they would be able to get the 14,000 seat Offerman Stadium expanded into a "Major League sized ballpark". The Continental League stated that the minimum size of their stadiums would have to be 30,000 which was quite large... larger in fact than the Cincinnati Reds stadium "Crosley Field". The Bisons also realized that the new AFL Major League football franchise was demanding that money also be spent to make Civic Stadium a much larger facility, if Buffalo was going to go "Major League" for football. Buffalo was only going to spend money to renovate one stadium. Considering the city felt that Offerman Stadium's grounds would make a terrific place for a new High School, you can guess which stadium was going to get the "renovation funding".