Photograph Karl R. Josker
Buffalo's football fans rallied in 1949 by buying 15,000 season tickets and raising $175k in stock options. They even filed their own request to join the NFL outside of the ownership group. *wiki. It didn't work as the Chicago Bears (da Bears) would veto both of the Bills petitions to join the league. There was an animosity and rivalry between the two clubs that had gotten vicious. The Los Angeles Rams joined with the Bears franchise as well in bullying the Bills franchise. It seemed that there was such resentment and prejudice towards the Buffalo Bills that they would soon lose their battle... even though it meant that the NFL would play with an uneven 13 teams. The Bills were soon disbanded and the players were dispersed to the various NFL teams. Because of the NFL's refusal to let Buffalo be a part of the "club" Civic Stadium and the Buffalo Bills would go dark for 10 very long years.