Photograph Karl R. Josker
The new franchise was named for Buffalo Bill Cody ... a famous showman and buffalo hunter. Though Buffalo Bill Cody was not from Buffalo (he was actually from the Le Claire Iowa area), "Buffalo Bill" was such a famed "household name" that the "Buffalo Bills" seemed to naturally roll off the tongue. The franchise had finally found a name that would "stick" and made sense to people. The name change made a huge difference to the franchise and the Buffalo Bills are today... one of the great franchises of the NFL (even if their successes have been less than fans would have liked). The Bills of 1947 however are not actually related to today's famed franchise. A lot would happen in between including some serious disrespect from the NFL... who would force Civic Stadium (War Memorial Stadium) to go an entire decade without any professional football at all despite an incredibly strong showing from the fans.