Photograph Bob Gaver
Up until now... Buffalo had been a "baseball town". The city loved its Buffalo Bisons franchise ... even back in 1901 when baseball was still very much in its infancy. Little wooden
Olympic Park (which was very small back then) was drawing well over 200,000 fans per season which beat most of the era's Major League teams. When Buffalo did well in the standings, so did their attendance which reached the 1/4 million mark quite often. After WWII however, a new franchise was developed and this time it was for professional football. Buffalo had had its run in the sport of football before with the Tigers and the Indians and the football version of "the Bisons" and the Rangers which were all makeshift football franchises that weren't very well supported.  By 1946 however the war was over and the boys had come home. "Sports" of all kinds became bigger and bigger parts of the entertainment industry throughout the country. Baseball had thrived here many years and now, it was football's turn as well.