Former Tigers/Indians' Charlie Carr returned to hit .301 with 31 2B, 8 3B and a new club record 8 HR while former Red Sox / Philadelphia A's' Jack Hayden (30 2B, 18 3B, 3 HR, .316) set new records for batting and triples. On the mound, future NY Giants' Bull Durham (19-7, who incidentally never played in Durham) and future Cincinnati Reds' Walt Slagle (20-14) played support to the best player ever to come out of this ballpark's franchise… Rube Marquard. Marquard was just 21 when he
came to Indianapolis and his future Major League talents were more than obvious, as Rube posted an incredible 28-19, 1.69 record on the season. Marquard would go on to play for the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers. With the Giants, Marquard would be dominant, posting 24, 26 and 23 win seasons in a row. By 1971 Rube Marquard was elected into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown… the first Indianapolis Indian to do so. The Indians meanwhile took over the American Association, posting 92 wins and taking their first A.A. trophy back to Washington Park II