Washington Park II (which was also known as Riverside Park) was built in 1905 and replaced an older ballpark on Washington Street in Indianapolis known as the original "Washington Park I". Located at 1205 Washington Street, it was easy to get to, utilizing the local public transit system. Riverside/Washington Park II would serve Indianapolis as its primary "Minor League" ballpark for 27 years. This unique and intreguing wooden ballpark is the baseball stadium that preceded Bush Stadium. When the Indianapolis Indians moved here, the Triple-A American Association was all of 3 years old. The Indians began their life in the A.A. in 1902. Before that the franchise was known as the Indianapolis Hoosiers. From 1914-1916, Washington Park II would not be the only ballpark in town. A new stadium was built for the rival "Major League" known as the Federal League and they would play at "Federal League Park" (near where Victory Field stands today). Federal League Park would also be home to the Indianapolis ABC's the Negro National League team, while it was standing. Federal League ballpark's lifeline however was remarkably short, and throughout the 1920's, Washington Park II would also become home to the Negro Leagues for 7 years.