The return of the ABC's meant the first glimpse of a 23 year old named Ray Brown. He would only get 11 at bats and get 3 singles in an ABC's uniform before making his way to Homestead to join the Grays. Brown would also pitch in one game here at Indianapolis and it would be a complete game, pitching 9 innings in his first professional start, giving up 7 hits and  1 run for the win. Once in Homestead, Brown would settle in and play 13 years of terrific baseball, earning him a spot in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Brown was the 4th Negro league HOF'er to come out of Indianapolis and the first out of Bush Stadium. The ABC's would come and go as a franchise over the next few years, calling Bush Stadium home, along with a team called the Indianapolis Athletics. Much of the time, these teams played as "Barnstorming" teams and spent most of their existence on the road, though using the city and this stadium as a home base to come back to every now and again. It wasn't until the war era that a new Negro League team would call Indianapolis home… the Indianapolis Clowns, who would spend quite a bit of time at this ballpark. We will get to them in just a little while.