The Travelers dropped to 2nd in 1936, with a 60-53 record (.531), finishing 6 games out. After an off season in 1937 where they finished 4th (59-66, .472, 15.5  out), they were back on top in their final season at Albany Ballpark. They put together a great 84-42 record (.667) record behind Mgr. Johnny Keane. Bill Endicott led the league in hitting (.354), while Lee Riley led in Hrs (8) & runs scored (128) & Ed Murphy led the league in RBI (113). The pitching was just as good with Henry Novak Albany leading the league in wins (20) & Ks (165). The team was on a roll throughout the season and they would win 4 out of 6 in the finals to take the 1938 GFL Championship.